Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Christmas at Stardoll

Lipstick Magazine released it's Christmas issue spoiler today.

By the looks of the spoiler, the graphics have improved since its last issue. I like the whole 'Who is the covergirl' phrase they've got going on and I have a feeling that it's going to be Bluegreen86, just a random guess.

Who do you think will be on the cover and more importantly, do you think Lizs and the Lipstick team will deliver this month?

Also, we are now media partners with Memoires of a Medoll. Sweet ;D



Zoë said...

With the spoiler in mind, perhaps the covergirl could be Isabella.Arci. Then again, the medoll in the spoiler may not even be representing the covergirl.

I'm actually quite excited for Lipstick's Christmas issue. The spoiler looks good.

And also, congratulations with your wonderful Media Partner.

~ Zoë

Éffy Paige/Star.Oscars said...

I really like the spoiler and when you mention it, the girl on the spoiler kind of looks like mel :O

Dana said...

The spoiler is good but if other magazines release their Christmas issue, it will have alot of tough competition this month

Anonymous said...

how do blogs get to be ur media partner ?

Anonymous said...

how do blogs get to be ur media partner ?

A said...