Saturday, 27 November 2010

Did Lipstick Deliver?

Lipstick's Christmas issue is released, and who could have guessed? Mel (Bluegreen86) is the covergirl (just like I guessed from the spoiler - not a hard guess by the way.)

Lipstick received mixed reviews but I think they delivered and produced a great issue. The only problem was, I noticed that Lipstick must have got some ''inspiration'' from D Magazine's Christmas issue last year. The same covergirl, and look below..

A little familiar, eh?

What are your opinions on the issue?


Chloista said...


Princess.m.c said...

I thought the issue was really great dissappointing about the similarity with different magazines shoot though :( xx

Peachyorange said...

Is it bad that I loved it??

Bia-Chanel said...

over looking the photo shoot that is causing a stir i thought the graphics were fantastic and the articles that i read were of high quality. its just a pity that the shoot was so similar to anothers but we shouldnt let the whole issue down because of it,shud we?

DameEnRouge/Kayla Lauder said...

Mel is beautiful but we need a variety of models and cover girls.
If Kate Moss was on Vogue, ELLE, Harper's Bazaar and so on every month, we would be begging for new model talent.
I can't wait for a new magazine to come out and blow us away.
I'm just waiting for it.

Anonymous said...

It has improved dramatically from when Lolita owned it anyway

Gossip Girl said...

Stardoll Magazines is something I get ''excited'' for and with every magazine getting less original with each issue, I find it quite sad.

Time for a new revolution, I guess?


Gossip Girl

Anonymous said...

very very familiar!
Lipsticks graphic is much better!