Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Vote Zoe!

I know Zoe won't post this herself, so I decided to post it for her.

Today LNWC's Zoe (Zoe_Couture) is running for covergirl so click here to give her your vote.

She deserves it!

Good luck Zo, hope you win! :D

Monday, 27 December 2010

NO H8, Just Love.

I'm sure you have all heard of the new Super Project - NOH8 (It's pretty much everywhere right now.) If not, NOH8 is an Organisation which has been created to try and stomp out injustice here on Stardoll and hopefully, the real world too.

The issues it is currently confronting are:
-Gay Rights
-SS/NonSS the division
-Fake Friends
-Stop Scamming
-Fake imagery
-Smoking (cigars, cigarettes, to "pot")
-Eating Disorders (Anorexia, Bulimia, etc)
-Cutting of oneself

-Abortion (both sides)
-Discrimination (ANY Way, Heritage, Social Status, Clothes, etc)

Chad and I are 100% supporting this project, and I have no doubt that many more of you will be supporting it too. You can click here to view the official NOH8 blog or for more information, you can contact the project owner: Juciimami827

Take a look at these amazing supportive graphics supporting NOH8:

You can show your support too!

What are your opinions on NOH8 and the issues they are addressing?

Will you be supporting the project?

Lots of love,

The Circle of Shame: The Magazine Edition

I bet you all had a great Christmas, but if not, here are some bits and bobs that might cheer you up. Don't take these shameful circles as an offence to you or your magazine, it's just for fun.

Here we see Elite-girl's leg in Forever Chic Magazine's latest issue being what seems to be, sucked into some sort of vortex.

Here we see a model in Ezo Magazine sporting ''The Four Fingered Fork Hand'' look.

Next up is Lipstick Magazine where we see a freakishly long and bendy hand. Niiiice.

Here is Donna Magazine where Molly seems to be scared of the camera man taking her picture as her face has went white as a ghost.

Finally, in Eternity Magazine we can see Perez with her tiny hand. How could we not have noticed this tiny hand of hers before? Maybe the title of the article should have been Perez's Imperfections.

So, what's your favourite freaky feature?

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

An Emerging Talent

Forever Chic, a magazine owned by Tapstar321 released their latest issue today and I was overwhelmed with the amazing improvement of the magazine.

Take a look for yourself:

Here are a few more shots from the issue:

And yes, that last Model is me! ^^

The covergirl was KOM's Elite-girl and overall, I was very impressed with the issue. Click here to view.

What are your opinions on the issue?

Lots of love,

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Late Night Award Categories Revealed

On the 3rd Late night (with Chad) of Christmas, Chad gave to me... The Late Night Award Categories

The Hottest Male
- The Male on Stardoll who constantly looks ridiculously good.

The Fiercest Female
- The Female on Stardoll who constantly looks ridiculously good.

The Icon
- The most inspirational and iconic member of Stardoll.

The Creativity
- The most creative member who is always thinking outside of the box when it comes to their outfits and suite design.

Stardoll's Super Model
- A determined Stardoll Model who has the most stunning features, and who takes part in multiple modelling activities e.g. Magazine Photo shoots

The Drama Queen
- A member that is always involved in drama and scandals where ever they may be.

The Socialite
- The member that attends social events, talks kindly and responds to everyone.

Stardoll's Cruella Deville
- The rudest member on who responds harshly to members or ignores them completely.

Stardoll's Favourite Tranny
- The greatest member who began Stardoll as a boy/girl and later revealed they were the opposite gender that they first claimed to be.

Stardoll's Best Fashion Line
- The member or team who creates the best fashion line (graphics or star design collections.)

The Ultimate Blog
- The Best Stardoll blog that keeps you coming back to read more.

The Best Writer Award
- A Stardoll blog writer whose posts you love to read.

The Ultimate Magazine
- The Best Stardoll magazine that keeps you picking up every issue.

Cutest Couple
- The most loved-up couple on Stardoll.

Best Friendship
- The greatest and most genuine friendship between 2 or more members.

The Late Night Award
- This award will be awarded to the most deserving member of Stardoll. The nominees for this award are chosen by the judges.

Note: Changes may be made to the categories from now to next month but this is it for now.

So, what do you think?
We want your opinions! :D

P.S. Zoe has started up her own Award Show based on Stardoll Fashion and it's definitely worth a look: She has also released her categories, so when you reach the blog click the Categories tab to view them.

Until next time...CHAD.

Could you be the Hostess with the Mostess?

Today I am so pleased with stardoll.


Because today, they give us this:

What could be better than winning an award (plus stardollars and starpoints) for having an awesome party?!

I recently started using the Party System, and I think the Party Planner award is such a great idea from Stardoll. I think I might even run to win sometime this week, possibly even tomorrow! Do you think I could do it?

I really just love this idea, what do you guys think?

And, Are any of you planning to run for Party Planner?

Lots of love,

Saturday, 18 December 2010

The world of Anonymous grows

It seems almost every time I log on, there is another anonymous message in my guestbook. And today, I received a ''Eat my shit'' and a ''BEWARE.'' Nothing new there, Eh?

I think this whole anonymous craze started up again with the posers of members such as Miss_LolitaF, Isabella.Arci, Bubblyminty, Noelle_Page and even myself.

As you can see, the creator has impressive interior design outfit skills... Eh?

Then came along the fake Italian Mafia trying to scare everyone and anyone. worked.

And then to our surprise came some anonymous talent such as EliteExposed and Stardoll's Gossip Girl:

Things were looking up for these anonymous users with their unexpected impressive and entertaining blogs and writing.

And then today, came another anonymous user who's been making a bit of a mess around people's guest books. Anyone hungry?

And another anonymous member called TheTruthSD is parading around Stardoll screaming ''BEWARE'' at people.

Personally I find this all hilarious, but what do they want? Publicity? Something to do in their spare time? (Some of them have too much spare time *cough* mangalover *cough*)

Is this getting a bit too much? Weird? Or is it just entertaining to watch?

What is with all these anonymous members?


Thursday, 16 December 2010

Christmas Raffle!

On the 2nd Late Night (with Chad) of Christmas, Zoë gave to me... The Late Night with Chad Christmas Raffle!

(Sorry for the inconvenience but right now you can't enlarge this image)

Basically all you have to do is comment on this post with your user name and you will be entered into the Christmas raffle. For those who can't see the image, you must be a follower of the blog to enter, the prizes include 500SD, 300SD, 100SD, Superstar membership, LE first collection pieces and there are also more prizes being added to the list later this week.

Good luck to everyone!

P.s: This isn't the post Chad hinted about in his previous post. More surprises coming soon.

Lots of love,

Monday, 13 December 2010

The First Ever LNA Team Revealed....

Small Gift Number 1

On The First Late Night (with Chad) of Christmas, Chad Gave to me... The team of The Late Night Awards ♪

The first little Christmas gift from us at Late Night with Chad, is the revealing of the whole Late Night Awards team.

We previously revealed that Isabella.Arci and Noelle_Page would be working along side me on the team as judges, and I have chosen 3 more to complete the first LNA judging panel.

They are...

All these girls have new, exciting ideas, they speak their mind, they're trustworthy and dedicated and I can't wait to see what they will bring to the panel.

The rest of the team will include:

Our events organiser: Missricopenguin

Our creative directors: Shake-something, Miss_LolitaF, Gothribbon, Bubblyminty & Rralucaa1996

Our current sponsor is: Memoires of a Medoll, Underneath Stardoll, Stardoll's King of Media, Donna Magazine, Perez Hilton of Stardoll, Elites Exposed (Spaces available & Others pending)

Be apart of the team:

We still have a few spots open on the first LNA show for sponsors and graphic designers. If your blog/magazine/business wants to sponsor the awards, mail me or comment on this post and I will let you know what sponsoring the awards will include and how you can make it happen. As for graphic designers, contact me through mail or in a comment on this post and I'll contact you with details.

Unfortunately, there are no other spots available for judges or creative directors but note that some of the chosen judges and creative directors will not be judges and creative directors for every award show, so do not be disappointed if you didn't make it into the team, there is always next time!

What do you think of the new LNA Team? Dream Team or not?

*Hint for next Late Nights of Christmas surprise: Would you like to Rare a Wear?

Any ideas of what it could be? ;)


Saturday, 11 December 2010

Next Big Thing?

It's simple to say that we were all disappointed when Admire Couture released their new spoiler for their next collection. It wasn't up to the standards we set for this ''Next Big Thing'' collection but, luckily the staff of Admire Couture seen our disappointment and tried their best to create a spoiler which filled our needs and that was:

I know what you're thinking: Tiny! But apart from the size, it is so cute!! Don't you think? And it actually got me a little excited for the line, however the clothing featured isn't as good as what I expect to see in the line.

Whilst browsing Admire Couture's site I spotted a preview of the next collection:

The models were also revealed, including the face of Admire Couture. Did I mention I was chosen to be a model for the collection?!

I believe that Admire Couture has a bright future ahead of it, and I support it fully, all the way. To find out more about Admire click here to visit the blog.

What are your opinions on Admire Couture?

Next Big Thing or Next Big Disaster?

Lots of love,

Thursday, 9 December 2010

The 12 Late Nights of Christmas...

We all know the classic Christmas tune, ''The 12 Late Nights (with Chad) of Christmas ♪'' by Chad and the Machine, right? RIGHT?

And It's inspired me to give back this Chrimbo, to all my brilliantly wonderful readers :]

I'm guessing you have no idea what I'm talking about.

Basically, from now up to Christmas Day, myself and Zoe (Zoe_Couture) will be throwing Christmas surprises your way on the blog. Some will be small, some will be bigger and some will be even bigger than before.

Keep an eye out for the Banner used at the top of this post, because that means something special for you lot. I have a lot of surprises already jotted down, but if you have any suggestions that you want for your Stardoll Christmas present from us, drop us a comment and we'll see what we can do.

Ho Ho Ho...


Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Dude, Where's my tooth?!

How far would you go to look fabulous?

Let's see, would you perhaps knock one of your own teeth out?

I've spied a rather unusual trend sweeping across our very own Dollywood today - loosing a tooth! Take a look for yourself:

Is this look Very Hot or Definitely Not?

And, who looks best without their teeth?

Vote in comments!

After all, who needs teeth when you have style?

Lots of love,

Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Italian Mafia Get Serious

The Italian Mafia recently posted this ''Victim List'' of people who they are going to target:

1st:vpurple = hacked2nd: mizzmileycyrus9 = hacked
3rd= jess-lolly=hacked
4th=poohg1993= going to be hacked
5th=fashionngirl.=going to be hacked
6th=emorox4eva=going to be hacked
7th=Miss_LolitaF=going to get hacked
8th=keira-v=is going to get deleted
9th=shakira-avril=going to get hacked
11th=bellaculeen99=hackedthe list will grow each day''

For those who have no idea what the ''Italian Mafia'' is, it's a group of people on Stardoll who hack into accounts and they do not require a password to do so.

I have no idea if this Italian Mafia thing is actually serious, or if it's all just a game. If it is real, I feel so bad for the people on the list, and the worst thing is, the people on the list are great people, it's really unfair.

*Image from SMW*

Does anyone have any information on this ''Mafia''?
And what are your opinions... Fake or Real?