Saturday, 28 August 2010

How To Use: Purple Eyeshadow

When I first saw the new Dot in the starplaza I fell in love with the purple eyeshadow. Purple is my favourite colour. So I thought, why not do a tutorial on how to use it?

Click to enlarge ^^

What do you think? Should I do more?

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

News on..everything.

The past week or 2 I've only had time to log onto stardoll for literally 3minutes and reply to mail, comments and so on so I guess the blog didn't get much posting but that's all changed now, I've got my internet connection back so I have some news on a few things.

First of all, I had to 'let go' of new fashion writer SiaraLott for the simple reason that she is rarely on and hasn't posted since we gave her the news that she is the new writer. Siarra understands this and even agreed that she would have rarely posted, she's a great girl but blogging just isn't her thing at this moment.

Secondly, I am looking for another writer to fill Siarra's place but since Kylie (missricopenguin) does such a great job with fashion posts, I have decided I want a 'Reviewer' to review new projects and so on in a unique way so if you are interested, contact me asap.

Thirdly, on Sunday I will be choosing my staff for The Late Night Awards, so if you haven't signed up yet, do it now in the 'Late Night Awards' tab above the post.

By Monday I hope to have My TLNA staff, a new writer and hopefully have the blog back to the way it was when it started.
Feel free to give your own suggestions on whatever you want in the comments for e.g. categories you would like to see in The Late Night Awards or even posts after all, you're the reader.


Saturday, 21 August 2010


At the moment one of my most favourite thing to do on Stardoll is to give random strangers makeover in their beauty parlour. There are so many beautiful medoll's out there that are dulled out because of their makeup. I mean, black and white eyeliner? So overused. 

So for this post I decided to show you three girls who amazing makeup skills.

All of these three people are unique and different, yet they certainly stand out, whether if they're simply simple or completely done up.

Who's your favourite?


P.s I just wanted to thank everyone who voted for me in the writers comp! (:

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Party starts when the writers walk in?

*Drum roll*
The new writers are...

Congrats :]
Moving on, we are on 99 followers so when we reach 100 I want to do something wicked.
What are you thinking? A Party? I was thinking that too with a twist, the release of The Late Night Awards and our first interview posted.. You likey?

Let me know in comments and I'll get planning ;)

Monday, 9 August 2010

News and Vote for which writer you want to stay

Sorry about my lack of posts, lots of stuff going on but anyway.. now it's time for you to choose which 2 writers out of the 3 trial writers that you want to be the fashion writers for LNWC. All 3 did great posts, but it's up to you who will stay, so vote in the poll to the right ->

To view SiaraLott's post click here

For one of MissRicoPenguin's posts click here

For Hilarymad2659's post click here

Also, if you didn't notice, on the sidebar I have 'upcoming events' so if you have a party or a Magazine/blog releasing or celebrating something mail me and I'll put it on the sidebar for people to see.

And finally.. Stardoll Fashion Week has released this spoiler..


p.s. News on the Late Night Awards coming soon ;)

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Fierce Eyebrows

We love to hate them, really what do we need those hairs above our eyes for? You know, those two bushes that seem to need constant grooming. Ahh yes, our eyebrows.

The best eyebrows, I must admit are done best by professionals, where they pluck and wax to perfection. Eyebrows define our face and help show our expressions. How many horror stories have you heard about girls taking to much off, or, even worse, taking it all off? It's a worst nightmare.

But even with the risk of turning out horrible, a stunning pair of shaped, bold and goregous eyebrows won't go unnoticed. 

One of my most favourite things to see on a medoll is the combination of blond hair and black eyebrows. The basic blond hair, blond eyebrows look is so last year, try something new and experiment, the beauty of having virtual medolls is that any mistakes can be changed.

^^Click to enlarge :D

What's your favourite type? The big and bold, thin and shaped? 

xx Kylie 

Sunday, 1 August 2010

M by Marcela

^^Click to enlarge :D

M by Marcela is a stardesign label created by .Marcela.., each week in August she will release a new limited edition dress. I am not usually a fan of stardesign clothes, but I think these dresses are really cute, and at only 20sd each, it is quite a reasonable price! 

I really love this pattern and how she has matched it with the top. Everything works well to create two different dresses.

What do you think? Will you be buying any?