Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Fierce Eyebrows

We love to hate them, really what do we need those hairs above our eyes for? You know, those two bushes that seem to need constant grooming. Ahh yes, our eyebrows.

The best eyebrows, I must admit are done best by professionals, where they pluck and wax to perfection. Eyebrows define our face and help show our expressions. How many horror stories have you heard about girls taking to much off, or, even worse, taking it all off? It's a worst nightmare.

But even with the risk of turning out horrible, a stunning pair of shaped, bold and goregous eyebrows won't go unnoticed. 

One of my most favourite things to see on a medoll is the combination of blond hair and black eyebrows. The basic blond hair, blond eyebrows look is so last year, try something new and experiment, the beauty of having virtual medolls is that any mistakes can be changed.

^^Click to enlarge :D

What's your favourite type? The big and bold, thin and shaped? 

xx Kylie 


Nicie said...

ii like thin in real life but hunnigall has tha best eyebrows out of the 3

Nickschmidt said...

Hunnigall is the best of the three. ^^

Siarra Lott said...

I actually like Vampire_'s eyebrows best =]

Alice in Wonderland said...

Haha, mine were accidentally left on after doing a Gaga impersonation, I kinda liked them :)

Anonymous said...


iswim19 said...

i like thin in real life,
but on stardoll thicker is stunning.

Laura Torronley / Lizs (on stardoll) said...

I have bold eyebrows and light hair and I thought it looked like a mismatch. You've helped my self confidence!

Lizs xxxx