Monday, 9 August 2010

News and Vote for which writer you want to stay

Sorry about my lack of posts, lots of stuff going on but anyway.. now it's time for you to choose which 2 writers out of the 3 trial writers that you want to be the fashion writers for LNWC. All 3 did great posts, but it's up to you who will stay, so vote in the poll to the right ->

To view SiaraLott's post click here

For one of MissRicoPenguin's posts click here

For Hilarymad2659's post click here

Also, if you didn't notice, on the sidebar I have 'upcoming events' so if you have a party or a Magazine/blog releasing or celebrating something mail me and I'll put it on the sidebar for people to see.

And finally.. Stardoll Fashion Week has released this spoiler..


p.s. News on the Late Night Awards coming soon ;)


Chloista said...

SFW spoiler = amazing.

As for who I'll be voting for in the poll.. ;)

Anonymous said...

i voted missricopenguin because she seems more determianed

Ciara/DEYNY Lover said...

I know who i'm voting for and the sfw spoiler is un-bel-iev-able!!! mary should be so proud

HilaryMad2659/Sarah said...

Chad, I'm so sorry. I don't think I actually have time to write for this blog. Sorry. I've been so involved in other things and I don't want to overload, lol.

Anonymous said...


babii-mariex said...


does mary ever fail to amaze us? didn't think so. love it.