Monday, 12 July 2010

The Colours of Fashion - Trial Post

Heysa, I'm Siarra and I'm one of the few trying out for the fashion writer position so I really hope you enjoy my post! =]

So, Today I seen some great outfits and most were either black, white or colourful (obviously, i guess?) but which colour reigns supreme and looks the best? Lets find out.


All 3 girls created creative and unique outfits with the heavenly white colour. Shake-Something, as usual has an amazingly amazing outfit to show off to us. The outfit would have been enough to blow me away but with the hair and make-up as well, she is simply a haven to look at for all fashion lovers. Another fantastic outfit from Gkmktk, it's almost as if she's putting on her own little show with the spotlights, Loves it! Finally, we have Gweneee who has created an elegant night dress which almost looks feathery, I think it's gorgeous!
But readers, tell me, who looks best in white?


All 4 girls created amazing outfits with black pieces. Tcholas93 created a stylish and classy outfit with simple black pieces, stud heels and a slight splash of red. .Pease. has created an outstanding outfit, as usual. With her matching make-up and overall stunning medoll - she scores high! Emorox4eva created a very city chic look using black and some white pieces, and with that blow-back hair, she looks amazing! Finally, vasia28 created a great black outfit with a splash of purple, I especially like the tights and hair!
But, who looks best in black?

..Splash of colour..

These girls have added a splash of colour to our mostly hated make-overed stardoll. N1mka4eva looks super cute in her layered outfit that I really really love! Toxxic.Angel looks gorgeous in her summery dress and matching accesories while MadameMushroom works her own fiercesome look in her leopard print jumpsuit, boots, bow and accesories. Finally, Miss_LolitaF matches her hair and make-up to create a colourful and very effective medoll!

But, Who's colourful look is best?

What do you think.. who looks best in each group? And which group/colour has the best outfits?

Let me know in a comment!

I'd also like to thank Chad for this opportunity and I really hope you all like my post.

Thanks again, Siarra .xoxo


Estelle (clubklo) said...

White :
Black :

Cleona234 said...

U did a really good job for your trial post,I really liked it.I think Shake-Something and Charlote looks best out of everyone but they all have great outfits.

Anonymous said...

White : Gweneee
Black : Tcholas93
Color : Miss_LolitaF

Anonymous said...

White: shake-something
Black: emorox4eva
Color: Miss_LolitaF

Anonymous said...

Love your post :*

My favorites are same as Estelle´s.


Jessx said...

White- Shake-something
Black- Vasia28
Color- Toxxic.Angel/N1mka4eva

Jessx said...

White- Shake-something
Black- Vasia28
Color- Toxxic.Angel/N1mka4eva

vasia28 said...


vasia28 said...

Gret 1st post,hun! :)

Lee said...

.pease. is amazing

Anonymous said...

White : Gweneee
Black : Tcholas93
Color : Miss_LolitaF

Anonymous said...

4 white i like gwenee for blck i like .peasee.

and for color i like misslolitaf

Ellie said...

Hmm....I think
White: Shake Something
Black: Tcholas93
Colour: Toxxic.Angel

Loving the first post!

Dei said...






Miss_LolitaF / Lolita Elisabeth said...

As a 1st post is nice, thanks for the feature:

White: Shake-something
Black: .pease.
Color: vasia28

Linnea/.pease. said...

Ohey! Thank You! [:

Anonymous said...

Its so obvious that all these anonymous comments are made by Miss_LolitaF... They all look same, and for color they all choosed her. Pathetic..

Anonymous said...

White : Gweneee
Black : Jenna (Emorox4eva)
Color : (Lolittaaa!)Miss_LolitaF

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

Great post and thanks for including me :)

Siarra Lott said...

Thank you for all the nice comments =] .xoxo Siarra

Brumilicious said...

I love your post!

And all the outfits are stunning:)

My fourites are:
White- Shake-Something
Black- .pease.
Colour- toxxic.angel

Ellen / eeleenyte10 said...

White - gkmktk
Black - .pease.
Color - n1mka4eva and toxxic.angel were awesome!