Sunday, 11 July 2010

Miss Stardoll..Ohno

We've all heard the phrase ''The more the merrier'' but in this case, I have a feeling that this is not the case.


Today I was talking with GothRibbon about Late Night with Chad when she told me about her new project which she told me she had been working on for months, which is The Miss Stardoll competition which consists of medolls battling it out and being judged until the competition is left with a ''Miss Stardoll.''

The competition rang a bell and then I remembered I had seen a similar (extremely similar) competition on Tyler's PR now blog. I went to check it out and this is what I discovered..



(Click on the pictures to see the competition's individual blogs)

As you can see they both have the exact same consept and the exact same name. When I told GothRibbon about this other Miss Stardoll, she seemed surprised and soon after I seen this in x.optimistic.x's guestbook:

I know GothRibbon as a very honest person so I decided to ask for if she had any proof that she had made the competition first and she sent this:

She also said she sent mails about her competition to toxxic.angel and Lizs at least a month ago.

In this picture GothRibbon is asking a friend if she would be a graphic designer for her Miss Stardoll competition more than a month ago while x.optimistic.x is posting the show only this month.

x.Optimistic.x also told me this:

My side:I don't even know who gothribbon is. Nor was I aware of the fact that she had a project by the name. And besides, she actually joined my club which confused me and her club, project and presentation haven't even been released to the public. So how is that copying? There's more than one stardoll pageant with similar names. I defenitely did not copy her. Why would I even do that? How would that look on my part? I would look like a dumbaxss! And that's not who I want to be known as. I apologize to gothribbon and whoever else believes I copied her, but honestly I haven't the slightest idea who she is or her project until the recent comment in my guestbook. Furthermore, I will not be shutting it down. We can both have pageants running at the same time.

Sooo, Has someone copied someone? Or is this a case of another famous phrase ''Great minds think alike.''



Jessx said...

Personally I have never heard of GothRibbon's competition but that might be because she hasnt made it public yet.

I believe that Gothribbon is telling the truth, I don't think she would copy x.optimistic.x and I don't think anyone would be stupid enough to copy a competition already out in the open, but that wouldn't stop x.optimistic.x stealing Gothribbon's idea i guess.

But I would like to hear x.optimistic.x's side of the story before I make my judgement, because there is always 2 sides of the story.

And as you said, it could be a case of two people thinking of the same idea.

Siara Lott said...

Omg =O
I have no idea who to believe. At the moment I'm on GothRibbon's side until I hear more .x

Anonymous said...

knowing erienne she most likely copied gothribbon.........xoxo

Anonymous said...

Erienne would never copy someone. I personally don't know GothRibbon, so I cannot give a complete opinion, but I just think this is a case of great minds think alike.

Miss_LolitaF / Lolita Elisabeth said...

The Miss Stardoll Original Idea was of hay-hay999999 or something like that.

Now ain't Miss Stardoll a show like BBS, yeah it is a show. So Christine isn't that original either.

Ellie said...

Well, there are a lot of contests like this. Like Lolita said, hay-hay99999999 made a Ms Stardoll contest as well, but that got deleted for some reason. I think it's a case of great minds think alike. At least for now.

(Is it just me or are the pictures not linked?)

Anonymous said...

First, I wanna thank Chad for posting about this.

@Lolita - I never heard for hay-hay9999999 project, and Im sure it she wasnt had this idea first. If she does, then show proof. And about BBS - its not like you created word "show" on whole Stardoll. BBS and Miss Stardoll are completely different shows, and idea of each show is original.


Nojarama said...

*sticks up hand* Coincidence maybe?

Cleona234 said...

I think [and hope] that this could be a coincadine but if copying is whats happening then there is a bigger chance of Erienne copying Christine than the other way about ..

Anonymous said...

Erienne wouldn't do that. I have become pretty close to her, and she is very original. She would have told me. I believe she genuinely did not know of GothRibbon's competition.

Miss_LolitaF / Lolita Elisabeth said...

Hay-hay project has been plannes since 6 weeks ago or more.

Still that doesn't gives you rights to ask Erin to leave the project, after all she had no idea you were doing 1 too.

Well BBS is the best, when you search on google: Big Brother Stard they show the rest of the part on their own which makes me as owner honoured.

Ellie said...

Actually you only have to put in 'Big Brother Sta' on mine :3

Well, maybe this is newbish, but couldn't you both do a 'Miss Stardoll' contest? I mean, a lot of people run pageant things, and most of them are along the lines of 'Miss Stardoll' or 'MsSDElite' or 'Miss Stardoll UK' etc etc.

So why not both do one, and see who's is more sucessful?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

@Lolita - My project has been planned longer + I have proofs. You do not have them. As my project was created first, I nicely asked Erin to cancel project because its quite stupid to have 2 same projects, plus there is chance she even copied me.

And what does BBS have to do with this? Just wanna to remind all of us on it? *again* And, personally , I think Its kinda lame to call your own project that its best.


Anonymous said...

Christine, you are a liar. You and Erienne are both copying ideas and frankly, who cares? This idea of a competition has been around for quite a while, actually. So Christine, for you to even say that you thought up this idea is jack shit.

Erienne knows that she will never be successful without a little hate, and Christine knows she will never be successful with Erienne's competition in the way of hers.

Thankfully, it is not fully my problem anymore.

Ciara said...

idk... This could just be a coincidence. I mean, its a popular idea.
I've seen so many competitions like this, so I don't know why its such a big deal :/

Miss_LolitaF / Lolita Elisabeth said...

Still Christine that DOES NOT gives you right to make someone cancel her project.

Well, why not talk about BBS, I love it.

Estelle (clubklo) said...

I cannot judge until I`ve heard both sides of the story,but GothRibbon seems to be quite honest about this.

But GothRibbon should not take this too badly.How many SNTM competitions are there? Hundreds.Maybe even thousands.

So having two or three alike competitions is not such a big deal in comparison.

Erienne said...

You want my side of the story? I honestly don't know who she is. I didn't even know her project existed. And there's at least 5 other pageants. I've never visited her page, and didn't know about anything until her recent comment. But gothribbon, I didn't copy you. I wasn't even aware of your project. But I have an idea to resolve this conflict message me on stardoll. And to the anonymous poster, show yourself. You don't even know me, so you should probably cut the shit.

Anonymous said...

Dear Readers,

I am Erienne's (x.optimistic.x) publicist and I am here to inform you about this incident. Erienne is out of town at the moment, but I have spoken to her about this dilemma and accusation. The following statement has been issued by x.optimistic.x on July 11th, 2010:

"I didn't even know who she was or that she had a similar project name until the comment she left me on my guestbook. These false accusations are indeed false, as I had no idea about her project until today. I feel that no one, including me, owns the idea of a Stardoll pageant. Also, she joined MY pageant, which has confused me further."

GothRibbon has claimed to have proof, and maybe she indeed did come up with the idea first. However, Erienne did not receive any knowledge of this clash of ideas prior to the guestbook comment that GothRibbon posted on her guestbook. Therefore, Erienne will not be cancelling her project because of their similar ideas. She has not copied GothRibbon, they have just thought of similar ideas. I would like to point out that GothRibbon has not made a club presentation, yet x.optimistic.x has, which shows that Erienne (x.optimistic.x)created her club and made the project public beforehand.

In conclusion, this impeachment is illusive and Erienne shall not be held responsible for such allegations.


Anonymous said...

Someone deleted my comment. Chad maybe? Whoever it was, that's complete bullshit.

I cannot believe this would actually be considered a controversy. It's pathetic and was obviously started by the work of a 'fame whore'. For your information, Gothribbon, you both have copied the idea.

I have been on Stardoll for quite some time and when I first joined these types of competitions were thriving. Your pants are in a bunch because of the fact that you do not want your project to bomb. I hate to break it to you, but it most likely will.

Shut up. No one wants to hear it.

MadWorld said...

@Tyler - No comments were deleted

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Stardoll Gossip Guy said...

i don't no what to believe.
i do hope it's not true
that erin copied...

Miss_LolitaF / Lolita Elisabeth said...

@ Christine: The awards were made by Solo and not Chad, and I agree with Tyler.

Christine, don't be jealous becuase Erin's will be better.

Anonymous said...

@Tyler - Um, its interesting that you are saying this because almost same thing happened to you.
Remember when you just created The Freakshow awards, and after that someone made The Awards? After that, you made post about that on your blog saying that you were copied. Truth is, that you copied Star Awards. So, before answering like this, think little bit. Miss Stardoll is mine project, I created it 2 months ago, and now another girl made it 3 days ago and she is saying that its her project. Is my project copied? Maybe yes, maybe not, but I wanted to let people know about truth. You didnt said "I dont care" when you heard that someone maybe copied your project.
Isnt it just so great that I have such a good memory? :)

Anonymous said...

@Lolita - Thats your personal opinion ;D We will see. I dont see on what I "should" be jealous.

Lol xD


Anonymous said...

To Everyone:

It's a VIRTUAL world.
Let's just remember that. :)

miki said...

MY OPINION: not like anyone care right?

i don't think erin will copy anything. erin's one of the few people on stardoll that i talked to and it's not her personality. she's been coming up with projects that can help noobs (even non-ss) to enjoy stardoll. all projects being brought to the public right now are all copies anyways from REAL LIFE. example: perez's gossip column : even the name is copied from perez hilton, BBS: big brother, c'mon now, no need to explain. even my blog is a copy of an original. we shouldn't be looking why people copy an idea, we should be looking at if it's helping anyone. right?

Dei said...

My thoughts?

Really? You are getting telling someone to cancel a project only because they have the same name/are alike?

Beauty pageants are NOT something new on Stardoll, they merely died a bit.

And really, to be honest, its not which project that is in the making first that counts.

Ex. You can be working on a 'hit' magazine for months! But you expect people to congratulate something or embrace something that hasn't just been presented/completed yet?

Just saying, no one is really that original in the first place on Stardoll anymore anyway. So no one is really at fault and no one should get upset on the matter.

Haley said...

Just To clear This Up. I wasn't the First to make it.Erin was the first.I think she is too geniune to steal.And Christine, You had no right to command her to delete her pageant.

♥Toxxic.Angel said...

Who gives a fuck? everyone copys everyone on stardoll, how do you think we got so many magazines? hm? who cares, GothRibbon is acting like a child.

♥Toxxic.Angel said...

Who gives a fuck? everyone copys everyone on stardoll, how do you think we got so many magazines? hm? who cares, GothRibbon is acting like a child.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Christine, the same thing did happen to me. But I did not whine about it just to get some fifteen minutes. I stated my claimed and hustled my ass off. In the end, I came out on top.

So quite YOUR complaining and do something with you project already. It is obvious no one cares what you have to say.

MadWorld said...

Lol this is crazy

Anonymous said...

@Tylerisbold - My project already have more followers and club members then yours, so yes, I started my project ;D First spoiler is out, and season of Miss Stardoll Show is coming soon.

And gosh, Cloe, if you are coping other magazine that doesnt mean that every magazine is just duplicate of previous Sd magazines.

I didnt told that she copied me. I just showed everyone that I started this project first. So.. if you dont understand this, I dont know what the hell is wrong with you.



Erienne said...

I'd like to settle this conflict right now. I did not copy, what would be the point considering I can think of amazing ideas on my own. To Gothribbon, You can think whatever you'd like, but I have absolutely nothing against you, and I didn't know you or your project existed, so why would I feel the need to copy you? There's more than one pageant on Stardoll with the same freaking names. Plus, I don't mind a little competition, so you keep yours running and I'll keep mine as well. It's all about who's will be successful or not.

Haley said...

-_-It really doesn't matter.There are probably millions of Pageants and you don't need to fight eachother if you're not going to give everyone else that same attention who owns a pageant. Christine, Yo are just ighting her because she is more famous than most of us pageant owners.Just For publicty.

daisy-croatia said...

I'm on GothRibbon's side cause I know she would never copy anyone's work or ideas

Brumilicious said...

Oh God.
I think more people coukd think about this...

It`s not so hard to think about this since you see it on the tv,but it`s nice to do it on stardoll.

I don`t know how would it look like if there would be 2 of the same,but i am looking foward to see what`s going on :DD