Thursday, 15 July 2010

Interview No.1 Revealed.

The person who you suggested the most for an interview was..

That means Mary will be the first person to be interviewed on Late Night with Chad.

What you have to do.

Get all your questions asked that you want to ask Mary by clickering here.

These questions won't be published in comments and only I will see them, you can post anonymously if you want too. So, go mad and ask anything - no matter how personal or crazy it may be and I'll ask the best questions to Mary.

So, Get your questions in now by clicking here or going to the 'Interview Suggestions' section of the blog.


Chloé said...

Mary? This will be interesting :)

Jessx said...

I suggested a few questions there now. I think they are pretty good and I hope you use them xo

Anonymous said...

mary thnks shes so great

Mary said...

anon - ofc I am :)

babii-mariex said...

cant wait baby :-)

Anita said...