Friday, 16 July 2010

Let Me Introduce Myself...

[Ignore the horrid banner, if anyone wants to make me one I wouldn't mind :P]

Hey everyone, I'm Kylie or better known as missricopenguin on Stardoll and I am one of the trial writers here on Late Night With Chad!

Before I begin writing I have decided to introduce myself properly. I am from Australia, I don't really advertise my age but I am 14.5 and I am too caring and compassionate for my own good. I love playing sports, netball would have to be my favourite and I also love photography.

I'm not the sort of person who knows what they want, I tend to just wing things and hope for the best and I come up with the craziest ideas, which is how I decided to create my own nightclub, The French Flamingo [currently hiring] and it is also why I applied to be a writer here.

So I hope you enjoy my posts and I hope I get to stay here because I am super excited that Chad chose me as a trial writer!

Thanks again!

- Kylie xx


Siarra Lott said...

Good luck =] .xoxo

Ciara/DEYNY Lover said...

Great! And how do you apply to work for the french flamingo?

Anonymous said...


Nick said...

Yur banner isnt horrid :o