Monday, 26 July 2010

Magazine Overload

For a while there was little magazines releasing on Stardoll and now, comebacks are flying around quicker than well, something quick.

Here's just a few that are making a comeback or already have:

Which Magazine is your favourite?

And which Magazine do you think will be the most successful?

Let us know.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Male Medolls

Although majority of medolls on Stardoll are female, there are the few that are male. Following the return of Manolo.Dicicco I have decided to dedicate a post towards three very stylish guys on Stardoll. Each one is individual and creative in their own ways.

Like I said, all very different but they all look amazing!

Who's your favourite?



Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Ultimate Group

We all know that there has been a lot of tension and competition between the groups of Stardoll, especially between Fashion Group and The Dioguardi Group. We have all been waiting anxiously to see which group will be most successful (and un-successful) and which group will have the best (and worst) projects.

Yesterday Fashion Group released news on a new, very unique project called The Fashion Arts University (FAU). It will be teaching graphics, blogging, fashion and so on. I'm not sure how exactly it will work, but I know Mary and I know anything she will do - will work. Clicker here to know more or visit

Nothing like this has been done on Stardoll before. Is this the kick Fashion Group needs to be the Ultimate Group? Or has Dioguardi got something up their sleeves too?

Will the Fashion University Project fail or sail?

Which group are you supporting?
Let us know.


Hope see you there! For more info click here.

Yellow Hair; Who Wore It Best?

I spotted these two lovely girls sporting bright, yellow hair! So my question for you today is who wore it best? 

I personally love Verojun's goregous colourful earrings but I do also like Miss_LolitaF's sheer simplicity.

Who's your favourite?

xx Kylie

Monday, 19 July 2010

A New Birkin Line?

That's what I thought when I entered BabetteCouture's suite. Right there, hanging off her hand was a Birkin bag,  the only Birkin I had seen on Stardoll was those rare MKA RC ones, and they were black, not orange.

I decided to take a closer look, as you usually do when you see something you like. And guess what?

It wasn't a bag at all!

It was simply made in Stardesign Interior, if that's not creativity I don't know what is.


Take a look, you'll be amazed. (:


Oh and P.S ...

Sunday, 18 July 2010

ETERNITY September

Sorry I haven't been on in a few days, I had really important footy matches and training and didn't have time to get on, but I see my trial posters kept the blog active (there will be a poll for which writers you want to stay writing here soon.)

Anyway, here is the September issue of Eternity's spoiler:

(Click to enlarge)

Will Eternity come out on top again?

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Let's Get Speccy

For many of you out there (meaning those in the Northern Hemisphere), it is summer. It's time to throw on a bikini, some sunscreen, grab a towel and find those perfect shades.

Sunglasses are a vital part of summer, what else are you going to use to hide your bags from partying all night?

Recently Stardoll has acquired a nice little collection of sunglasses to make you look glamorous and chic or causal and relaxed pair. 

Here's your summer sunnies guide;

Over sized Sunglasses

When I think of oversized sunnies I think of people like Nicole Richie and Mary Kate Olsen. Tousled hair is the go for a chic and casual look. But make sure you don't make them to big; you don't want to look like a clown.


These  sunglasses are cute and sweet, best worn with pastels and even better worn with playsuits.


Sparkles, diamonds and dark hues. It's glamour baby. Look chic and alluring this summer in these goregous sunglasses. Great for both at night and during the day.

So there it is be glamorous, casual or just cute this summer in a pair of sunglasses this summer. 


Friday, 16 July 2010

Let Me Introduce Myself...

[Ignore the horrid banner, if anyone wants to make me one I wouldn't mind :P]

Hey everyone, I'm Kylie or better known as missricopenguin on Stardoll and I am one of the trial writers here on Late Night With Chad!

Before I begin writing I have decided to introduce myself properly. I am from Australia, I don't really advertise my age but I am 14.5 and I am too caring and compassionate for my own good. I love playing sports, netball would have to be my favourite and I also love photography.

I'm not the sort of person who knows what they want, I tend to just wing things and hope for the best and I come up with the craziest ideas, which is how I decided to create my own nightclub, The French Flamingo [currently hiring] and it is also why I applied to be a writer here.

So I hope you enjoy my posts and I hope I get to stay here because I am super excited that Chad chose me as a trial writer!

Thanks again!

- Kylie xx

Trends Through Time

Hi, I'm Sarah (known as HilaryMad2659 on stardoll) and I'm also on trial for the job of fashion writer for Late Night With Chad. I hope you enjoy my post.
In this post I will be showing you how to create a traditional look on stardoll from the past. I wished to have made it longer and included more decades but since this is just a trial post I picked just the 1920's. So here we go..

1920's Makeup
In the 1920's women began to take a wider interest in fashion and appearance. This started with pale powder puffed faces. To demonstrate this I have used a pale skin tone.
The lips were often coated in lipstick applied as a Cupid's/Armor's Bow to the upper lip. The lips were exaggerated towards the top and bottom and de-emphasized towards the sides. Some of the common colours used were Plum and Raspberry.
The eyes would be outlined with a coat of black eyeliner and then covered with a grey eyeshadow or turquoise and green. The items I used to create this look were:
  • Black Fluid Liner
  • Black Volumizing Mascara
  • Granit Shade Stick
  • Olive Shade Stick
  • Aqua Marine Shade Stick
  • Cotton Candy Lipstick
  • Plum Lipstick

1920's Fashion
Highly fashionable in those days were detailed dainty party dresses and cotton hats. As you can see in the picture below, stardoll has made a pretty good job of remaking the clothes already for us in the Decades shop. The items I used to create this look were:
  • 1920s Hat - Decades
  • 1926 Evening Dress - Decades
  • Pumps - Stardoll

Thank you Chad for considering me, and thank you to everyone else for reading. Tell me what you think in the comments box! :D

- Sarah

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Interview No.1 Revealed.

The person who you suggested the most for an interview was..

That means Mary will be the first person to be interviewed on Late Night with Chad.

What you have to do.

Get all your questions asked that you want to ask Mary by clickering here.

These questions won't be published in comments and only I will see them, you can post anonymously if you want too. So, go mad and ask anything - no matter how personal or crazy it may be and I'll ask the best questions to Mary.

So, Get your questions in now by clicking here or going to the 'Interview Suggestions' section of the blog.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The Late Night Awards

Oh yes, and when you thought it was just a blog..BANG I go and make it something else.

I have decided: I want an Award Show and I have decided: It will be called The Late Night Awards (for obvious reasons).

Why I came to this conclusion? I have no idea.

When will this Award Show take place? Very soon.

I'll try my very best to bring you something fresh. Different categories and so on. I'm not sure if I should have a ceremony or just post it on the blog...I suppose I'll leave that up to you lot.

I suppose I will need a team to help me run it, so if you're interested check out the 'Late Night Awards' section of the blog or clicker here.

I want to know what kind of categories you want to see, I want to know if you want a ceremony (guestbook party thing) and then posted on the blog, or just posted on the blog e.t.c. You're the boss...

(And Yes, that is my head you see on the trophy ;)

Monday, 12 July 2010

The Colours of Fashion - Trial Post

Heysa, I'm Siarra and I'm one of the few trying out for the fashion writer position so I really hope you enjoy my post! =]

So, Today I seen some great outfits and most were either black, white or colourful (obviously, i guess?) but which colour reigns supreme and looks the best? Lets find out.


All 3 girls created creative and unique outfits with the heavenly white colour. Shake-Something, as usual has an amazingly amazing outfit to show off to us. The outfit would have been enough to blow me away but with the hair and make-up as well, she is simply a haven to look at for all fashion lovers. Another fantastic outfit from Gkmktk, it's almost as if she's putting on her own little show with the spotlights, Loves it! Finally, we have Gweneee who has created an elegant night dress which almost looks feathery, I think it's gorgeous!
But readers, tell me, who looks best in white?


All 4 girls created amazing outfits with black pieces. Tcholas93 created a stylish and classy outfit with simple black pieces, stud heels and a slight splash of red. .Pease. has created an outstanding outfit, as usual. With her matching make-up and overall stunning medoll - she scores high! Emorox4eva created a very city chic look using black and some white pieces, and with that blow-back hair, she looks amazing! Finally, vasia28 created a great black outfit with a splash of purple, I especially like the tights and hair!
But, who looks best in black?

..Splash of colour..

These girls have added a splash of colour to our mostly hated make-overed stardoll. N1mka4eva looks super cute in her layered outfit that I really really love! Toxxic.Angel looks gorgeous in her summery dress and matching accesories while MadameMushroom works her own fiercesome look in her leopard print jumpsuit, boots, bow and accesories. Finally, Miss_LolitaF matches her hair and make-up to create a colourful and very effective medoll!

But, Who's colourful look is best?

What do you think.. who looks best in each group? And which group/colour has the best outfits?

Let me know in a comment!

I'd also like to thank Chad for this opportunity and I really hope you all like my post.

Thanks again, Siarra .xoxo

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Miss Stardoll..Ohno

We've all heard the phrase ''The more the merrier'' but in this case, I have a feeling that this is not the case.


Today I was talking with GothRibbon about Late Night with Chad when she told me about her new project which she told me she had been working on for months, which is The Miss Stardoll competition which consists of medolls battling it out and being judged until the competition is left with a ''Miss Stardoll.''

The competition rang a bell and then I remembered I had seen a similar (extremely similar) competition on Tyler's PR now blog. I went to check it out and this is what I discovered..



(Click on the pictures to see the competition's individual blogs)

As you can see they both have the exact same consept and the exact same name. When I told GothRibbon about this other Miss Stardoll, she seemed surprised and soon after I seen this in x.optimistic.x's guestbook:

I know GothRibbon as a very honest person so I decided to ask for if she had any proof that she had made the competition first and she sent this:

She also said she sent mails about her competition to toxxic.angel and Lizs at least a month ago.

In this picture GothRibbon is asking a friend if she would be a graphic designer for her Miss Stardoll competition more than a month ago while x.optimistic.x is posting the show only this month.

x.Optimistic.x also told me this:

My side:I don't even know who gothribbon is. Nor was I aware of the fact that she had a project by the name. And besides, she actually joined my club which confused me and her club, project and presentation haven't even been released to the public. So how is that copying? There's more than one stardoll pageant with similar names. I defenitely did not copy her. Why would I even do that? How would that look on my part? I would look like a dumbaxss! And that's not who I want to be known as. I apologize to gothribbon and whoever else believes I copied her, but honestly I haven't the slightest idea who she is or her project until the recent comment in my guestbook. Furthermore, I will not be shutting it down. We can both have pageants running at the same time.

Sooo, Has someone copied someone? Or is this a case of another famous phrase ''Great minds think alike.''


Just on time..*Pfft*

Ok ok, I admit it. I almost gave up on LWNC. Why? Because I didn't think I'd have the time and to be honest, I don't think it will be a 'hit'.. but I might aswell give it a go for the good of my new writers and tomorrow LNWC will begin!
I have chosen 3 fashion writers but I only want 2, so I will be giving them all a trial this week, so make sure you read so you can vote for who you want to stay writing on the blog.
I have lots of ideas for the blog and I'm going to put them into action this week, so keep reading, spread the news and make sure to comment now and again because new blogs most importantly - need feedback!



And yes, I know what you're thinking... ''FINALLY!'' So yeah, sorry for the delay. And I will see you tomorrow :D