Friday, 16 July 2010

Trends Through Time

Hi, I'm Sarah (known as HilaryMad2659 on stardoll) and I'm also on trial for the job of fashion writer for Late Night With Chad. I hope you enjoy my post.
In this post I will be showing you how to create a traditional look on stardoll from the past. I wished to have made it longer and included more decades but since this is just a trial post I picked just the 1920's. So here we go..

1920's Makeup
In the 1920's women began to take a wider interest in fashion and appearance. This started with pale powder puffed faces. To demonstrate this I have used a pale skin tone.
The lips were often coated in lipstick applied as a Cupid's/Armor's Bow to the upper lip. The lips were exaggerated towards the top and bottom and de-emphasized towards the sides. Some of the common colours used were Plum and Raspberry.
The eyes would be outlined with a coat of black eyeliner and then covered with a grey eyeshadow or turquoise and green. The items I used to create this look were:
  • Black Fluid Liner
  • Black Volumizing Mascara
  • Granit Shade Stick
  • Olive Shade Stick
  • Aqua Marine Shade Stick
  • Cotton Candy Lipstick
  • Plum Lipstick

1920's Fashion
Highly fashionable in those days were detailed dainty party dresses and cotton hats. As you can see in the picture below, stardoll has made a pretty good job of remaking the clothes already for us in the Decades shop. The items I used to create this look were:
  • 1920s Hat - Decades
  • 1926 Evening Dress - Decades
  • Pumps - Stardoll

Thank you Chad for considering me, and thank you to everyone else for reading. Tell me what you think in the comments box! :D

- Sarah


Jessx said...

You really put a lot of work into this. Great post. I loved it :)

babii-mariex said...

great first post ;-) i really liked it.

Ciara/DEYNY Lover said...

You know lots of fashion. You are very good @ make-up too by the way. Great postt

Chloé said...

5 stars, Brilliant!