Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The Late Night Awards

Oh yes, and when you thought it was just a blog..BANG I go and make it something else.

I have decided: I want an Award Show and I have decided: It will be called The Late Night Awards (for obvious reasons).

Why I came to this conclusion? I have no idea.

When will this Award Show take place? Very soon.

I'll try my very best to bring you something fresh. Different categories and so on. I'm not sure if I should have a ceremony or just post it on the blog...I suppose I'll leave that up to you lot.

I suppose I will need a team to help me run it, so if you're interested check out the 'Late Night Awards' section of the blog or clicker here.

I want to know what kind of categories you want to see, I want to know if you want a ceremony (guestbook party thing) and then posted on the blog, or just posted on the blog e.t.c. You're the boss...

(And Yes, that is my head you see on the trophy ;)


Siarra Lott said...

Excited! =]

Have a ceremony, and best dressed list and so on. And new categories 100%.. some fun ones! .x

Jessx said...

Can't wait! I love the trophy by the way, hahaha.

Anonymous said...

wen will this start

liajm said...

sounds fun [:

Raluca / rralucaa1996 said...

Great idea ! It would be nice to have a ceremony . The trophy is original :D

Anonymous said...

LOL. I loove the trophy... Gosh, it looks so..Chadish! I want it >:I

You should have a ceremony, etc.etc. people like them. Its fun xD Add extra-funny categories, and dress code. Let the show begin! :D


Anonymous said...


Chloé said...

Brilliant. I would like to see some new categories, interesting ones! I would still like to see the important 'usual' ones too such as Best dressed and so on.

And I love the trophy too, haha!

babii-mariex said...

oh la la, me like :-)

Brumilicious said...

A ceremony for sure.
It would be great!
Can`t wait i`m so excited xD

Oh,on that trophy is..lol, awesome:D

Nick said...