Sunday, 1 August 2010

M by Marcela

^^Click to enlarge :D

M by Marcela is a stardesign label created by .Marcela.., each week in August she will release a new limited edition dress. I am not usually a fan of stardesign clothes, but I think these dresses are really cute, and at only 20sd each, it is quite a reasonable price! 

I really love this pattern and how she has matched it with the top. Everything works well to create two different dresses.

What do you think? Will you be buying any?



Chloista said...

I love maxi dresses and there is a big chance i'll buy one of these babys

Anonymous said...

They are not that hard to make. Nothing special.

Jessx said...

I like them and the top with the dress is a smart idea too I like the dress without the top best though.

Everyone is saying they are MUST HAVES so they might be worth buying.

Anonymous said...


Ciara/DEYNY Lover said...

No affence but I would rather use my stardollars on starplaza clothes than on average affence.

Siarra Lott said...

No superstar for siarra =[