Sunday, 5 December 2010

Higher Equals Hotter

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Hi! Or is it more appropriate for me to say... High?

For me, shoes make an outfit, and when you get the right pair for you, it isn't hard to fall in love. And besides, they rarely break your heart.

Today, I found a few Fashionistas who took High Heels to a new level and believe me, I want every pair of these beauties on my Christmas list this year:

My Conclusion:
Higher = Hotter!

Who do you think created the best pair of killer heels?
Vote in comments!

Lots of love,

*Are you rocking some hand made heels like those featured? let us know in a comment and you could be added to this post!


viviburberry said...

I vote Daria319. They are FIERCEE

Tiffany-Rose said...

the last pair!

MadWorld said...

I vote Daria319 :D

Rosaghy said...


Anonymous said...

shake-something ftw

Éffy Paige/Star.Oscars said...

My vote goes for Blahm3 and Daria319 :) I think I seen someone with really good version of those shoes, I'll try and get the username for you x

Anonymous said...

Daria319's are orgasmic. I love those heels.

Christina Lake said...

Daria's are HAWT

Blahm3 said...

Mine werent very good at that point the outfit was dreadful :/