Monday, 13 December 2010

The First Ever LNA Team Revealed....

Small Gift Number 1

On The First Late Night (with Chad) of Christmas, Chad Gave to me... The team of The Late Night Awards ♪

The first little Christmas gift from us at Late Night with Chad, is the revealing of the whole Late Night Awards team.

We previously revealed that Isabella.Arci and Noelle_Page would be working along side me on the team as judges, and I have chosen 3 more to complete the first LNA judging panel.

They are...

All these girls have new, exciting ideas, they speak their mind, they're trustworthy and dedicated and I can't wait to see what they will bring to the panel.

The rest of the team will include:

Our events organiser: Missricopenguin

Our creative directors: Shake-something, Miss_LolitaF, Gothribbon, Bubblyminty & Rralucaa1996

Our current sponsor is: Memoires of a Medoll, Underneath Stardoll, Stardoll's King of Media, Donna Magazine, Perez Hilton of Stardoll, Elites Exposed (Spaces available & Others pending)

Be apart of the team:

We still have a few spots open on the first LNA show for sponsors and graphic designers. If your blog/magazine/business wants to sponsor the awards, mail me or comment on this post and I will let you know what sponsoring the awards will include and how you can make it happen. As for graphic designers, contact me through mail or in a comment on this post and I'll contact you with details.

Unfortunately, there are no other spots available for judges or creative directors but note that some of the chosen judges and creative directors will not be judges and creative directors for every award show, so do not be disappointed if you didn't make it into the team, there is always next time!

What do you think of the new LNA Team? Dream Team or not?

*Hint for next Late Nights of Christmas surprise: Would you like to Rare a Wear?

Any ideas of what it could be? ;)



Miss_LolitaF said...

I wanna join :S:S

Miss_LolitaF said...

I wanna join :S:S

Toria-Ava said...

Great choices, I think the team will be a sucess. Im glad you chose a variety of people and not the same old people who are in every award show :)

Christina Lake said...

I wasn't picked, oh well :( Congrats to everyone picked and I can't wait for the awards!

Zoë said...

Dream Team, I hope!! ^^

~ Zoë

Princessvx said...

Good team I guess :) Excited! I think your going to turn some hideous piece of clothing into a real peice of Stardoll Rare :) Just a guess... and yeah, I would like to sponser you: :) You know where to contact me! :D x

SL said...

Is the next one something about a rare? Or am i stating the obvious lol

noelle_page said...

♥. :)

Anonymous said...

why didnt u pick me :@

Gossip Girl said...

I am insanely intrigued.


Gossip Girl

mako said...

i Wanna join too :P i guess it will be about some rare being given away or something :P but competitions are always fun so i wanna join :)

Anonymous said...

Whoop, whoop :)
Excited xD