Monday, 27 December 2010

NO H8, Just Love.

I'm sure you have all heard of the new Super Project - NOH8 (It's pretty much everywhere right now.) If not, NOH8 is an Organisation which has been created to try and stomp out injustice here on Stardoll and hopefully, the real world too.

The issues it is currently confronting are:
-Gay Rights
-SS/NonSS the division
-Fake Friends
-Stop Scamming
-Fake imagery
-Smoking (cigars, cigarettes, to "pot")
-Eating Disorders (Anorexia, Bulimia, etc)
-Cutting of oneself

-Abortion (both sides)
-Discrimination (ANY Way, Heritage, Social Status, Clothes, etc)

Chad and I are 100% supporting this project, and I have no doubt that many more of you will be supporting it too. You can click here to view the official NOH8 blog or for more information, you can contact the project owner: Juciimami827

Take a look at these amazing supportive graphics supporting NOH8:

You can show your support too!

What are your opinions on NOH8 and the issues they are addressing?

Will you be supporting the project?

Lots of love,


Christina Lake said...

Best project to come to Stardoll in a long time :)

Anonymous said...

i knw ths is a gd cause ndal but i thnk th owner is only doin it for fame :/

∞ katarina12 ∞ said...

Those graphics so good! I love NOH8 it is such a good idea and better than stupid hate blogs and I especially support the eating disorder issue because my best friend suffered from anorexia so I will defaintly be supporting it

Gillian/Juciimami827 said...

Why would I do this for fame? You probably do not know me, I didn't even expect for NOH8 to grow this fast. I am just thankful, and I do give you the benefit of the doubt. And AT LEAST Show your name xxJucii

Ps: Thanks so much for the post!

Dana said...

Brilliant idea to say the least! I think I will attempt a graphic for Noh8 very soon also!

viviburberry said...

I think the idea is a great one and if the team keep going as they are it will be a successful one too xD

I think the graphics are stunning by the way

Beverly.x said...

Im against all the issues up there, exceptions to a few which have some pros aswell as cons like abortion...

- B -

ƒiggy101 said...

... I drew the last two :)

Thanks for putting on this blog!