Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Late Night Award Categories Revealed

On the 3rd Late night (with Chad) of Christmas, Chad gave to me... The Late Night Award Categories

The Hottest Male
- The Male on Stardoll who constantly looks ridiculously good.

The Fiercest Female
- The Female on Stardoll who constantly looks ridiculously good.

The Icon
- The most inspirational and iconic member of Stardoll.

The Creativity
- The most creative member who is always thinking outside of the box when it comes to their outfits and suite design.

Stardoll's Super Model
- A determined Stardoll Model who has the most stunning features, and who takes part in multiple modelling activities e.g. Magazine Photo shoots

The Drama Queen
- A member that is always involved in drama and scandals where ever they may be.

The Socialite
- The member that attends social events, talks kindly and responds to everyone.

Stardoll's Cruella Deville
- The rudest member on Stardoll.com who responds harshly to members or ignores them completely.

Stardoll's Favourite Tranny
- The greatest member who began Stardoll as a boy/girl and later revealed they were the opposite gender that they first claimed to be.

Stardoll's Best Fashion Line
- The member or team who creates the best fashion line (graphics or star design collections.)

The Ultimate Blog
- The Best Stardoll blog that keeps you coming back to read more.

The Best Writer Award
- A Stardoll blog writer whose posts you love to read.

The Ultimate Magazine
- The Best Stardoll magazine that keeps you picking up every issue.

Cutest Couple
- The most loved-up couple on Stardoll.

Best Friendship
- The greatest and most genuine friendship between 2 or more members.

The Late Night Award
- This award will be awarded to the most deserving member of Stardoll. The nominees for this award are chosen by the judges.

Note: Changes may be made to the categories from now to next month but this is it for now.

So, what do you think?
We want your opinions! :D

P.S. Zoe has started up her own Award Show based on Stardoll Fashion and it's definitely worth a look: TheSDFashionAwards.Blogspot.com. She has also released her categories, so when you reach the blog click the Categories tab to view them.

Until next time...CHAD.


Christina Lake said...

I really truely love these categories! I love the Cruella Deville, Tranny, Cutest couple and the writer award the best. Excited to see who wins them! And I am already following Zoe's awards, I'm excited for them too. Stop getting me excited for so many things -_- lol!

Anonymous said...


Maddie_fashion said...

Cool :D Im really excited :D Im following zoe's awards 2 :D

MissDiorFashion said...

LOVE them!

Gillian/Juciimami827 said...


Gillian/Juciimami827 said...

Aisy, Me, and NICKI for best friends woo woo xD But isabella and noelle are too? wait since aisy, isabella and noelle are judges would that make them officially non applicable to be in the nominations?

miss_elite said...

They are so great guys :O Can't wait to see who wins in certain categories ;)

MadWorld said...

@Gillian: Judges are allowed to be nominated except from the one overall category that the judges will choose who will be nominated.

Dana said...

Adore them! Adore them! Adore them!

Anonymous said...

Haha!I love these! Very unique!

Zoë said...


~ Zoë xoxo

liajm said...

I love (:

so creative!

Linnea/.pease. said...

Truly Amazing Categories!

lelele_ said...