Monday, 3 January 2011

Be all the RAGE!

Don't we all just adore flicking through pages of a new, fresh magazine?

I know I do, and with RAGE Magazine's debut release closer than ever, I think that it's time we got the word around!

Rage Magazine is a Magazine owned by Kylie (MissRicoPenguin), and you can visit to visit and/or follow the Magazine.

Rage is searching for models, graphic designers, writers and so on, so make sure to sign-up if you're interested!

I also have my own little segment as well as being a writer and creative director of the Magazine and that is Ask Zoe...

If you are in need of advice, simply add ''RageADVICE'' as a friend on Stardoll, and mail or guestbook us you're problem and I, and a special guest advisor will try and help you overcome your problem. You can even send myself (Zoe_COUTURE) a message if you would prefer. You can stay anonymous if you wish, so there is nothing to worry about.

I think there is a lot of girls out there who need advise and help, and Rage wants to help!

Will Rage be a hit or a fail with this month's issue?


Lots of Love,


Éffy Paige/Star.Oscars said...

i think im already following the blog, it looks great so far so im excited to see what kylie will produce :)) if i ever need advice, i know where to go :))

Tiffany-Rose said...

Looks good, I'll follow the Magazine now xD Whens the release?

Zoë said...

@ Tiffany-Rose: Mid-January. So, very soon ^^


∞ katarina12 ∞ said...

I like the name of the magazine alot alot!

Christina Lake said...

Oooooh interesting. I think I will apply as a model :)

MadWorld said...

Im following :]