Saturday, 8 January 2011

Stardoll gets Classique!

Today was The Classique Award's very first ceremony!

The winners are as followed:

''Haute Couture Female'' - .Pease.

Linnea ticks all the boxes required to be the Haute Couture Female. With a gorgeous medoll, extraordinary style and a determined and brilliant personality, how could she have not won? Well deserved!

''Haute Couture Male'' - Nojarama

Whether Nojarama is wearing boys clothes or girls clothes, he always has something amazing on. Creative fashionisto, Congratulations on your win!

''Most Stunning Medoll'' - Zoe_COUTURE

My first ever award here on and it feels fantastic to be awarded for something I enjoy doing. I would like to thank EVERYONE who voted, and of course to the Awards!

''Most Risque'' - N1mka4eva

Charlotte and her geisha Medoll claimed the Most Risque Award. One look at Charlotte's doll and you know she deserves this award. Congratulations!

''Most Envious Of'' - Hunnigall

We all at one point in our virtual lives have envied Miss Alice. Whether it be her flawless graphic skills, her FIERCE style or her wonderful wardrobe. Congratulations Alice!

''Biggest Diva'' - Writemarycat

Is she back? Is she not? Whether or not, we're not sure but even when Mary is not obviously present on Stardoll, she still seems to snatch up awards. Well done Mary, you deserve it!

''Most Alluring Female'' - Bluegreen86 / .Pease.

The Most Alluring Female was originally awarded to Stardoll Super Model Bluegreen86, but due to claims that she asked for votes, the award was given to the second most voted - '.Pease.' That gives Linnea two awards tonight, Congratulations!!

''Most Alluring Male'' - Madworld

Our very own Chad claimed the Most Alluring Male award. Chad didn't log on today so I bet he will be surprised to see that he has won. Congratulations Chad, you completely deserve it!

''Ground-Breaking Project'' - NOH8

If NOH8 doesn't deserve this award, I have no idea what would! Congratulations to Gillian and all the team, NOH8 is an amazing project and I know it will do unbelievable things here on Stardoll!

''Biggest Fighter'' - Miss_LolitaF

Lolita has been through a lot of both good and bad here yet she always comes out on top. A deserving winner of this title, Congratulations girl!!

''Best Designer'' - Hunnigall

Alice claims her second Award of the night and of course, who could knock her off her throne for Best Designer? I honestly cannot pick a flaw in her graphics. Congratulations!

''Biggest Sweetheart'' - Findurlove

I'm sure if you have talked to Maggie, you will agree that she is a complete sweetheart and that of course, is the reason why she has won this award. Congratulations!

''Best Entrepreneur'' - Writemarycat and Psychotic-Freak with Stardoll Fashion Week

Stardoll Fashion Week is one of the greatest projects here on Stardoll, and it deserves every bit of recognition it gets. Congratulations girls, you both deserve it!

''Biggest Achiever'' - Noelle_Page

Last but most definitely not least we have the ever deserving Noelle_Page! Not only is Noelle one of the kindest and most supportive members I have met, but she has achieved so much! Her work on MDM and all around Stardoll have won her this award. Congratulations Noelle!!

Did you attend the Award Show?

Did the right people win?

Any opinions?

Lots of love,


Christina Lake said...

I think everyone deserves the awards they won. I couldn't get on my skype but I watch the live coverage on TTT. I think it went very well and congratulations to you and Chad, you both deserve it so much! x

Anonymous said...

Elitesexposed should have won something though :/

miss-kool-kara said...

well done on winning chad and zoe and everyone, i agree with all the comments you made zoe :)

viviburberry said...

Congrats everyone!

Bia-Chanel said...

It was much easier on skype than on guestbook. Well done for you and Chad on winning xD All the right people won with exception to a few....

.Fay..K said...

U all deserve!

Avril14140/Mihaela said...

I did attend xD

I would change the 2 winners xDD *chuckle*

Grace Garcia said...

This is so strange. Everyone I voted for won. Maybe I am some sort of power ;)

Grace xx

MadWorld said...
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MadWorld said...

Congratz everyone :D

Anonymous said...

bluegreen86 didn't cheat. she just posted about the awards show in her club. she was promoting the actual awards show rather than asking for votes. mel already won best medoll in the star awards who cares about this rip-off