Saturday, 1 January 2011

Is that it?

Is it me or is Stardoll getting stingier every year?

Last year, for Christmas we got free Christmas trees. DECENT Christmas trees. And as I posted before, this year they put the trees we got for FREE last year for an unbelievable 60SD and 12SD = W D F?

With something like this, we assumed we would get a great New Years present from Stardoll. Aaaand...We were wrong.

Last year we got a free DKNY dress. I look great in it don't you think? ;)


And this year... (So far) we have got nothing free.

Just some clothes which aren't overly great.

So, Stardoll leave it up to us to make Stardoll's New Year a good one.

And here are just a few New Year gifts from our members...

Lipstick's Newest Issue:

Passion Magazine Spoiler:

Tylertoptrends re-opened.

And who could forget, The Late Night Awards is closer than ever ;)

Happy New Year. Let's hope it's a good'en!


Bia-Chanel said...

Yes they are getting stingier every year, its just stupid to put a free tree up for 60 stardollars. I'm surprised if anyone bought it. Lipstick magazine is great so far too!

Бренда said...

Happy new year to you and i agrre with what you said stardoll isnt trying much to give us nice things

Princessvx said...

Yeah, Stardoll is ripping people off their Money :S It is very sad, And they can't even afford to get the Boys on Stardoll a decent gift for X-Mas & New Years Eve... I mean, Not all boys can rock that DKNY Look like you did Chad ;D

I am excited, Didn't know about this!

Zoë said...

$60 for a previously free tree is ridiculous. I am truly disappointed that we didn't receive any special gifts but I guess Stardoll is a business and money will come before members.

As for Lipstick Magazine, it turned out brilliant and I'm waiting to see what Passion Magazine and Tyler's Top Trends brings us.

But, The Late Night Awards is what I am most excited for, of course!! ^^

Happy New Year everyone! :)


Avril14140/Mihaela said...


No. :/

Lipstick is amazing!:O

Zoë said...

Oh! And the image of you in that dress was quite disturbing, ahah.

Anonymous said...

you look so deliciiouz in your dress

Gillian/Juciimami827 said...

Work THAT Dress, Chad xD

Bubblyminty said...

You just killed a perfectly good dress. Shame on you Vhad :D.

Of course, Stardoll are miserly bitches not nice enough to share the wealth. Scrooges.

Dasya_Posohova said... please, visit and follow ;)