Monday, 17 January 2011

Project News

Sorry for not being online much, I've been busy.

Moving on, there are some interesting magazines making their way to (or back to) Stardoll.

First off there's Fierce Magazine owned by Hunnigall...

The spoiler doesn't have much in it but I think that's what makes it so great.

Distinct Magazine (owned by LNWC writer Zoe_Couture & Graphic designer JessiJenni) also released their controversial spoiler earlier this week. A few people didn't like it due to the fact that a cigarette was on the spoiler and some thought this was promoting smoking. However the owners state that this was not their intention and that when the issue is released it will all become clear. And you can't deny that the spoiler is impressive and catches your eye.

Admire Couture also released it's newest collection and it had mixed reviews. Some argued that the collection was too revealing and slutty when others liked it. When Tyler's Top Trends posted a review on the line which included some negative points, owner sinbabee left numerous comments on the post including a comment where she called TTT a ''shallow and low blog.'' You can click here to view the collection yourself and decide what you think.

What's your opinions on these projects?


Dana said...

I adore the Fierce Magazine spoiler, black and gold are my favourite colour combination.

My opinion on Distinct's spoiler is that it's very edgy and intriguing. Hundreds of fashion magazines such as Vogue use cigarettes in photoshoots.

I didn't like Admire Couture's line. It wasn't stylish or futuristic. That is just my opinion.

Anonymous said...


viviburberry said...

They look good I will check them out :)

Vicky said...

I agree with Dana more, Than with the lame Anno above.

I mean, Fierce is... FIERCE.
Distinct, The spoiler is not my cup of tea.
AC... Uhm? Well, Not Perfect, But Not Good Either? ;/

Éffy Paige/Star.Oscars said...

fierce spoiler: 4/5
distinct spoiler: 4/5
admire couture: 2/5

Bia-Chanel said...

Admire couture was good, not as good as others but it was good for a beginning line. I like fierce and distinct magazines though xD

∞ katarina12 ∞ said...

I thought admire was a little reveling but other than that, it was a good collection. Fierce is amazing like always is and distinct looks very interesting to me

Avril14140/Mihaela said...

I like Fierce.It looks very simple,but it's not cause it's FIERCE.

Distinct is..ehm.I really like the idea,even I'm not really big fan of cigarette :S But it's a great idea anyway.

I don't really like Admire Couture's line :S It could be better.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh there's a new magazine on stardoll ;o wonderful one. You MUST check it out!

TK_Cullen... said...

If people think Admire Couture is 'slutty' and 'revealing' then they obviously don't know the world of high-fashion . While studying Alexander McQueen, he's done various shows where his models hadn't even a top on , revealing much more than what Admire Couture is showing off . And whoever thinks it is Slutty or whatever must be insecure because the body is a beautiful thing x